Client: Joysauce
Role: Freelance Editorial llustrator
Digital editorial illustrations for JoySauce, a new American Asian media platform showcasing newly developed dramatic shows, reality TV, great written editorial, podcasts, and curated third party content.
The first illustration I created for Joysauce was for an article titled "Confessions of a Hot Dish Fanatic" by Donna Arkee. Their article reflects on their initial exposure to Midwest cuisine after being most familiar with the Iranian food of their childhood upbringing and the fascination with the genre of food thereafter.

This project was a joy[sauce] to work on, and I felt connected to the article being an adoptee from Korea who grew up on dishes like jello salad and funeral potatoes. My approach was to create a larger than life landscape of Midwest food staples with a character stand-in for the author excited to explore the array of dishes and ingredients. 
The second article Joysauce approached me with was "How to Get Paid What You're Worth" by Aleenah Ansari. Her article explains why she is a fierce advocate for negotiating one's salary and other compensations within one's career. 

I resonated with the lessons she learned as a woman of color and I strove to create three illustrations that depict the thoughts, motivations, and work that goes into salary negotiations as well as the supportive tone that is created by the existence of this article as a resource for other people going through the same journey.

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