Client: Google
Agency: Hook
Role: Designer + Storyboard illustrator
Team: Hannah Middlekauff, Marshall Born, Robin Sessions, Daniel Munoz, Alex Carey, Antonio Vicentini, Grace Kim, Tomi Rosanwo, Adrienne Trio, Anna Vallario
Google Wallet’s Tap-to-Pay animations give Android users a whimsical spark of joy when making purchases with their phone in store 💸

The themed animations, displayed right after a successful tap and pay transaction, are designed to add a fun element of surprise to the shopping experience. Created in celebration of worldwide holidays, seasons, and events, the new animations have been rolled out in more than 70 countries.
I illustrated storyboards and final vector illustrations for Google Wallet's Tap Celebrations, with over 50 animations made throughout the years and still continuing for future events!

Summer Break - Japan

Rock in Rio - Brazil

Autumn - US

Halloween - US

Black Friday - US

Holidays 2023 - Global

Sketch for Summer Break - Japan

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