Agency: Commonwealth//McCann
Role: Designer + 3D Artist
Completed while working for Commonwealth//McCann, this project features a 3D modeled crown used in promotional photos for the D Show hosted by Adcraft club of Detroit. I also assisted with the photoshoot directed by photographer Lians Jadan for these D Show graphics.
I created the initial design for the crown using Cinema 4D and then it was 3D printed by our outside vendor. Our agency then painted the crown and other antique objects with Montana Gold spray paint. The campaign was a striking balance between digital and traditional, antique and futuristic, that all worked in conjunction to create a luxurious and high-level atmosphere for the D Show.
We created an array of promotional materials, from posters that were displayed at the venue and in publications to keepsake prints that were shared at the event.
During the photoshoot for these materials we utilized an efficient projector system to help us coordinate the variety of gilded objects into the D Show lockup.

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