Welcome to my corner of the internet¬†ūüĎčūüŹľ¬†
My name is Amy Rexford (she/her), a multi-disciplinary designer & illustrator from Michigan, currently based in the Pacific Northwest. I have over seven years of agency experience with a focus on illustration, digital ad work, and web design projects.
I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with familiar brands like Google, YouTube, and Amazon as well as more specialized clients like JoySauce, Battlefy, and Action Lab Entertainment.
During the day I work professionally as a designer, and at night I continue working as an illustrator for the online community. Online I am most often listed as AmySunHee, a name featuring my original Korean name that now functions as my middle name. 
In all of my work I strive to create with heart, purpose, and originality with clients and brands who share the same values.
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