I've had the honor to illustrate the imaginative characters created by my clients for their personal Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. From the changeling warlock Gin to the small tiefling life cleric Isla, I must take great care in handling the vision these players entrust in me to bring their characters to life. I greatly appreciate these commissions not only for keeping my illustration skills sharp like the battle chef Aurgelmir's carving knife but to learn more about the traits that make these characters so interesting.
A DM (or dungeon master) approached me with a commission to draw all the player's characters in their campaign. Here is lineup of all of the characters with their appropriate heights.

Pirate campaign commission - full crew group photo

Vysaeri, the fallen Aasimar bard

My first D&D character - Verora Alkinore, the high elf eldritch knight

My latest D&D character - Audra, the mini tabaxi bard

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