Commission Terms of Service

How it works

  • When commissions are available, send an inquiry via social media DM or email. If I accept, I will send a response letting you know I’ve scheduled your commission.
  • What to include in your commission description:
    • Commission Type: (lineart fullbody, simple colored headshot, etc.)
    • Character: high quality colored images for existing characters. For OC’s at least 1 colored image is appreciated, and at least a detailed description
    • Mood/Theme: What is the character doing? What emotion are they expressing? A lighthearted piece with bright colors or dark and ominous?
    • Background: Only applies to full shaded backgrounds and some simple backgrounds
    • Extra: Props, color scheme, variations in size, etc.
    • Your PayPal e-mail: so I know who to send the invoice
  • After I’ve agreed with your commission form, I will send you an invoice for the first half of payment via Paypal. There is no due date but I will only start drawing after I’ve got the payment.
  • For colored options, I’ll send a sketch before shading so if you want to change anything, that’s your chance.
  • After we’ve agreed on the sketch, I’ll invoice the second half of payment. When I receive that payment, I’ll finish the piece and send it to you via email.


  • Commission inquiries may be sent to my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or email. Actual commission orders will be handled through email at
  • I have the right to refuse any commission.
  • I do not take on commissions that are NSFW or mechas, very rarely will I accept furry commissions. I respect each of these art forms, but this decision is based on my personal skill.
  • Headshots can be 8x8 inches or 4x6 inches at 300dpi, jpg or png.
  • Busts and Full Body can be 8.5x11 inches, A4, A5, or A6 at 300dpi, jpg or png.
  • An order will be put on hold and go to the bottom of my queue if the commissioner fails to reply within 3 weeks.
  • Commissioner is allowed to use copyrighted work for personal use unless agreed otherwise.
  • Commissioner may promote themselves using the artwork, so long as credit is given.
  • Do not remove watermarks/signatures from artwork without my consent. Only the commissioner can be given a copy without a watermark.
  • I am allowed to use, post and share the work anywhere to my liking. If the commission is a surprise let me know in advance, and I can post it afterwards.
  • Any questions or additional information required can be discussed through DMs or email.

Things to keep in mind

  • Please provide visual references as well as descriptions.
  • Please be clear about what you want. I am more than happy to help you, but if I am given no direction it makes it a lot harder to deliver a good product.
  • Please do not rush me to finish your work above other commissioners.
  • Please understand that I am not a machine who works 24/7. If I am not working on commissions, I haven't forgotten. I'm managing professional work, commission work, and my personal term.

Payment related

  • All prices are final and payment is taken through PayPal invoice.
  • Payment must be 50% upfront and 50% after commissioner approves the sketches. This is to avoid getting scammed. This is non-negotiable.
  • Do not send payment my way before I accept the commission.
  • The payment is non-refundable. If the commissioner wishes to cancel the commission at any time for whatever reason, whatever money sent me as of that moment will not be returned. (ex. if you'd like to cancel the commission after receiving the sketch, the 50% upfront cost covers my time sketching and making alterations for you. I will not ask for the other 50%, but I will also not finish the cancelled commission). If however, the commissioner has paid upfront and I have not yet started the sketch, I am more than happy to process a refund.
  • There are no free revisions after the sketch has been approved. If the commissioner would like to make further alterations, there will be an additional fee. Please make sure you are confident in the sketch before moving forward.
  • Commissioner is not allowed to use commission for profit. Commissioner may promote themselves using the artwork, so long as credit is given (i.e. profile pictures, banners). If commissioner would like to use the work for re-sale, there is an additional licensing fee per design.
  • There is no bulk price, discount or sale for purchasing multiple artwork at once.
  • Please avoid complaining about my prices. I base my prices on the numbers of hours, my experience and my materials as any job would. The prices were given a lot of thought and they are subject to change in the future.