Amy Rexford

Born in South Korea and raised in the state of Michigan, I was a kid who spent my afternoons drawing characters from my favorite cartoons and video games, usually while watching an rerun episode of Bob Ross. Many years later this interest in art lead me to attend Northern Michigan University where I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Communications. Now I live in the greater Detroit area with my husband and our kitten Zuko.

During the day I work professionally as a graphic designer, and at night I continue working as an illustrator for the online community. Online I am most often listed as AmySunHee, a name featuring my original Korean name that now functions as my middle name. I truly enjoy creating every moment of my day and hope to give back to the online art community.

I have been able to work with a variety of clients creating responsive web designs, illustrations, and even 3D conceptual assets.

In all of my work I strive to create with heart, purpose, and originality with clients and brands who share the same values.